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 Every Bear Comes with its own Teddy Charm

Sorry I have had to close the online shop due to lack of stock.
Need to get making.

 What are Flynn's Fragrant Friends?

Flynn's Friends are Animal Room Air Fresheners. The bears with a charm. All animals come with a teddy charm each.
They were once soft toys that have now been dipped in our special blend of wax that has a highly concentrated scent added.
 They are then decorated to improve their appearance. Some are even themed for special occasions such as Weddings. All Animals are then Gift wrapped in Cellophane to help protect them until they are ready for their new home. A unique hand Crafted Gift.

What do they do?

They will continue to scent a room for many years, giving off a gentle aroma.

How Long will they Last?

For many years. If the scent reduces, reinvigorate them by following the Care Instructions. There is no need to add additional scent oils to your animal. A copy of the care instructions can be found by following the link above.




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